In 2013 I started Eric Curry’s Pets out of my tiny apartment in West Los Angeles. 6 1/2 years and 1,000 unique pets later, I learned a thing or two about starting a business! These are my top 20 tips, based on my own experiences and interviews I’ve had with over 100 pet care professionals. Although they are targeted towards those in the pet care industry, this information is useful for ANYONE who is beginning their entrepreneurial journey!

  1. Year one will be your worst year. Give it time and whatever you do, do NOT give up!!

Did you know that…

The matching t-shirts. The bros chugging beer at the all night ragers. The girls lined up in their Sunday best, waiting for their opportunity to be ripped to shreds.

What does being in a fraternity or sorority have to do with a successful college experience? A lot more than first meets the eye, I came to find out.

Before I continue, I must clarify that I am not talking about special interest or multicultural fraternities; I am talking about white booster societies. During my time at UCLA, approximately 30% of the student body was white. And approximately 30% of the…

I am not a mental health professional and my experiences are not meant to advise anyone. Every case is different. Please consult a mental health professional to discuss your personalized treatment plan.

My mental health challenges began during my freshman year of high school. I was totally unprepared for the academic rigor of my classes and the social pressures of trying to “fit in” with the cool crowd. While juggling my schoolwork, social life, and keeping my sexuality a secret, I succumbed into a deep depression.

I’ve always been a fairly open person, but I quickly learned to hide my…

Throughout 2020 but particularly during June and July, I remember lots of discussion on social media and in my own groups about the phrases All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter isn’t saying that all lives don’t matter, it’s saying that all lives CAN’T matter, UNTIL Black Lives Matter. You don’t treat your arm to save your foot. When the firefighters go to the neighborhood with the burning house, they focus 100% of their attention on JUST THAT HOUSE. As far as blue lives, well, there’s no such thing. It’s just a blue shirt.

Here’s the deal…

Photo by Delia Giandeini on Unsplash

Every year around Pride month, I take some time to reflect on the current state of my second family, the LGBTQ community. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to attend Pride, but these days, as a proud gay man, the day and month have become almost sacred to me. And with Harvey Milk’s birthday being a little more than a week before June, I can’t help but think about our place in society and the direction we are headed as a Movement.

Our community has historically been segregated from other groups. It has been an arduous, revolutionary, and sometimes painful journey…

Eric’s most recent book, “Essential: How America’s Investment in White Supremacy Led to the Year That Changed Everything’, is an overview of the historical events leading up to the election of Donald Trump, and 2020, the year that changed everything.

We’ve all had rough years, but NOTHING compared to 2020. The American middle class was already hanging on by a very thin thread. Then came the global pandemic, leaving the economy on the brink of collapse. 2020 was also the fourth year of Donald Trump’s presidency, so most of us had gotten used to being on edge, constantly expecting the…

By Eric Curry

For decades, San Francisco and the wider Bay Area community have produced progressive leaders who have changed how our country thinks about the LGBT+ community, the disabled community, the Black community, and so many more. We pride ourselves on this capacity for driving change — and that should be reflected in our elected officials.

I believe it’s time for San Francisco to have a progressive leader in Congress, and that’s why I’m running to represent California’s 12th District.

Many people come to this decision after a lifetime of political aspiration. But others, like me, feel the call to serve after…

Eric A. Curry

Eric is currently running for Congress in California’s 12th Congressional District. Follow him on Twitter @ericcurrysf and Instagram @ericcurryco

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